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Mark Cowart

100 Bible Questions and Answers for Families by Alex McFarland

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In 100 Bible Questions and Answers, Alex McFarland and Bert Harper, veteran cohosts of the nationally syndicated broadcast Exploring the Word, tackled some of the most common challenges and queries people have about God, the Bible, and Christian living. And the questions have kept coming in.
Now, in 
100 More Bible Questions and Answers for Families, they're back with fresh research, timely insight, and more of their accessible, concise responses, equipping readers to

  • understand what Scripture really says about God and life,
  • discuss the Bible's most controversial passages and topics,
  • strengthen and grow their relationship with Christ, and
  • develop the confidence to support and defend biblical truth.

Satisfy your curiosity and deepen your knowledge of Scripture as Alex and Bert guide your journey through God's Word.


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