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Mark Cowart

Apostles and Prophets

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If you desire to see the authentic expression of the fivefold ministry gifts in the Body of Christ, you will want to soak up every minute of this series, Apostles and Prophets, with Rick Renner and Joseph Z. Whether the ministry gifts are a new subject to you or if you are well acquainted with them, each episode is designed to establish clarity, structure, and a foundational understanding of these profound and often misunderstood gifts. Throughout this series, we will address common questions surrounding the fivefold ministry gifts and cut through the nonsense of counterfeit expressions of the gifts. Find answers to questions like:
  • What are the fivefold ministry gifts, and why are they important to me?
  • How do I discern the spirit behind a gift in operation?
  • What are the keys to staying grounded in my gifting?
  • What are Apostles and Prophets, and what is their critical role in an end-times Church?

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