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Mark Cowart

Dangerous Beliefs

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Your beliefs are the most important thing you possess! Guard them above all else, and CAREFULLY examine them in light of the Word of God. 

Matthew 24:4 says, “And Jesus answered and said unto them, Take heed that no man deceive you.” 

Jesus warned us about being deceived.

Many believers have been made statements that sounded good and Biblical but in actuality were not. Remember, satan quoted scripture to the Lord during the wilderness temptations in the attempt to defeat Him, and he is still quoting scripture today to deceive people because they are not making the Word of God their DAILY bread. 

In this series, I will share what the Bible says about some common misconceptions in the church today, including: 

*   God is in Control
*   All Things Work Together for Good
*   You Shouldn’t Judge
*   We Just Need Someone to Bring Us All Together
*   Once Saved, Always Saved

The good news according to John 8:31 is that if we abide in God’s Word, then we will know the truth and can be set free. Millions upon millions know ABOUT the truth, but you can actually KNOW the truth.  

    Pastor Mark Cowart is the Senior Pastor of Church For All Nations in Colorado Springs, CO. With the mission of empowering locally, sending globally, and reaping eternally, Pastor Mark seeks to fulfill Matthew 28:18-20, "...Go then and make disciples of all nations."

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