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Mark Cowart

Discerning the Times

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In an age when not everything that glitters is gold, the need for spiritual discernment within the Body of Christ is paramount. Fool's gold, also known as pyrite, has a glittering appearance that often resembles real gold, but it is not until it is put to the test—the acid test, to be exact—that we can distinguish genuine gold from fool’s gold. God has given us a Biblical acid test found in Ephesians 5 to guide and instruct believers to walk in truth and be empowered to rightly discern light from darkness. 

In Discerning the Times, learn the scriptural keys to discernment:

  • Walk As Children Of Light

  • Discover What Is Acceptable To The Lord

  • Expose The Works Of Darkness

  • Awaken From Spiritual Sleep

  • Walk Circumspectly

  • Understand God's Will

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