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Mark Cowart

Ishmael Redeemed

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What can God do with a radical Islamist determined to infiltrate and destroy America from within? Kamal Saleem was born into a Sunni Muslim family in Lebanon. From a young age, he was taught that the loftiest accomplishment that he could achieve in life was to be martyred while killing infidels, namely Christians, Jews, and Americans. At age seven, he was recruited by the Muslim Brotherhood and entered an assault camp where members of al-Assifa, the armed branch of Fatah, trained for terror missions against Israel. After years of training, Kamal operated in successful terror campaigns funded by the Muslim Brotherhood, the Palestinian Liberation Organization, and wealthy oil sheikhs. He infiltrated the United States with the sole purpose of converting others to radical Islam until a life-changing event caused him to reevaluate his worldview…

Then He said to His disciples, “The harvest truly is plentiful, but the laborers are few.”
Matthew 9:37 NKJV

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