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Mark Cowart

Letters From God

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Letters From God was born from a desire to see people encouraged and comforted on a daily basis.

This book is part faith and part hope, mixed with the promise of realizing God’s will for every day. Letters from God carries the miraculous potential to change and encourage our lives, and to build us up. Our days should be clothed with God’s blessings of power and wisdom. We are all on different journeys but headed to the same destination, which is to be found fulfilling the will of God and enjoying His presence along the way.

These letters are prophetic in nature and spoken directly to you. Allow them to penetrate your heart; they will mend wounds, erase pain, bring clarity, open your soul to soar, and bring peace to your every day. May they be a source of daily wisdom, comfort, and understanding. And may they make your footsteps lighter and more purpose-filled. When God speaks we are revived.

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