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Mark Cowart Ministries

The Butterfly Effect

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In 1963, Edward Lorenz made a presentation to the New York Academy of Sciences and was literally laughed out of the room. His theory, called The Butterfly Effect, stated that a butterfly could flap its wings and set air molecules in motion that in turn would move other air molecules — which would then move additional air molecules — eventually becoming able to influence weather patterns on the other side of the planet. For years this theory remained an interesting myth. In the mid 1990s, however, physics professors from several universities, working in tandem, proved that the butterfly effect was accurate, viable, and worked every time. It has since been accorded the status of a law and is now known in scientific circles as The Law of Sensitive Dependance Upon Initial Conditions.

Now, the New York Times best-selling author demonstrated exactly how much an individual matters!

Consider Joshua Chamberlain, a schoolteacher from Maine who made one move 150 years ago that positively impacted an entire nation. By charging the enemy without ammunition — and defeating them — he set off a butterfly effect that lasts to this day.

The Butterfly Effect also includes the tale of Norman Borlaug, the man who hybridized corn and wheat for arid climates and has been credited with saving the lives of more than 2 billion people! The secret in his story is that Borlaug could never have accomplished his feat without Vice President Henry Wallace. But, if it hadn't been for George Washington Carver, Wallace would not have been in a position to help Borlaug. And without a farmer from Diamond, Missouri, Carver would have never even lived through infancy ...

The point? Everything you do matters. This little book is proof!

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