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Mark Cowart Ministries

The Great Commission Prayer Guide

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Everything God does is birthed through prayer. He has given us the opportunity
to partner with the Holy Spirit to intercede on behalf of people who we may
never meet this side of eternity. These are people who are on the Lord's heart
because they have never heard the name of Jesus.
I want to say a special thank you to our ministry partner AIMS (Accelerating
International Missions Strategies) for providing this prayer guide. AIMS is
committed to bringing the message of Jesus to every unreached people group
(people who have no access to the Gospel). Unreached people groups are
ethnic groups of people who have no access to churches, Bibles, and Christians;
and prayer is the first step in reaching them. AIMS also trains up native
missionaries to preach the Gospel and plant churches among the unreached.
I hope that you realize that you are a crucial part of accomplishing the Great
Commission. I invite you to use the following prayer guides to pray strategically
for transformation in the lives of Tribal, Hindu, Ethnic, Muslim, and Buddhist
people groups.

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